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347 – War, dirty tricks, and false analogies

November 22, 2015


Deception and disinformation, but also provocation, have always been part of a war. During WWII, the Allies hoodwinked the Germans with great strategic success:[1] Hitler’s forces were taken by surprise when Allies landed first in Sicily and then in France. Covert operations – infiltration of men and arms behind enemy lines to create resistance – […]

346 – Mowgli, science, and religion

October 26, 2015


Rearranging books hoping to create a cranny for new acquisitions, I came across a 1917 pocketbook edition of Rudyard KIPLING’s Jungle Book. Time had frayed the back of the red leather binding, but the gold on the edges of the pages was still crisp and inviting. I got lost in the first story: Mowgli’s Brothers. […]

345 – “Big data” and “cultural religious history”

October 21, 2015


MICAWBERISM: the improvident state or habitually optimistic point of view MERRIAM-WEBSTER definition Utter the word “big data” nowadays and research money gushes from the stingy pockets of governments, corporations, and research institutions. Add the term “religion” and we have the equivalent of the Drake Well in Pennsylvania. In this case, $ 30 million have been […]

344 – The Sunni search for self-respect

October 11, 2015


China’s President Xi Jinping has mentioned his passion for Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea on several occasions, most recently during a speech in Seattle on his September 2015 state visit to the United States. (…) The Old Man and the Sea is at heart a hymn to perseverance, endurance, faith and resourcefulness. […]

343 – The decline (and fall?) of the term ambassador

September 5, 2015


The other day I spent some time at the dentist. I waited for the newest CAD/CAM technology to work its wonders and outfit me with a perfectly adapted crown within half an hour. Meanwhile, I perused the glossy trade magazines one finds in medical waiting rooms – Gala, Chi? People, Faces, or the Schweizer Illustrierte. […]

342 – Hitler’s swerve

September 3, 2015


George Friedman specializes in the analysis of international conflicts and is CEO of the renowned private intelligence corporation STRATFOR. His credentials notably include studying the potential for a U.S.-Japan conflict after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and co-authoring The Coming War with Japan. This year, he has written a piece on “Hitler’s […]

341 – India’s foreign policy as “crooked timber”

September 1, 2015


Looking at India’s dearth of foreign policy statements, India’s Senior Ambassador Kishan S. Rana has observed: “India has seldom published foreign policy white papers. All ministries present annual reports in Parliament, at the start of the Budget Session each February. MEA’s Annual Reports are fine documents for reference on the minutiae of external relations, but […]


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