197 – Humans as other animals…

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197 – Humans as other animals…

In the 1930 Nicolaas TINBERGEN, Konrad LORENZ; and Karl von FRISCH created a new science – ethology: the study of animal behavior. Their progress warranted then a Nobel Prize… in medicine.

Three hundred years before DESCARTES had argued that not only animals lacked “soul” (whatever that may be), but they had no feelings, and just driven by “instinct”. In short, animals are automatons.

An a superannuated agronomist I’ve maintained an objective interest in animals. I delight in seeing similarities and common descent. Of course we are different, but we should be humble about it: the distance is not that great.

To prove my point a sequel of family photos from the bear pit[1]




[1]          After checking the straw on mother bear’s pelt I’m rather confident that the sequence is not contrived. If it is: my apologies. It is the right season, though, so enjoy them anyway.