107 ….like a drifting boat

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From TSAI Chih Xhung (1992): Zhuangzi speaks. The music of nature. Princeton University Press, Princeton.

Talented people have so much to do.

Intelligent people have so much to worry about.

But incompetent people go about oh-so-happily, seeking nothing and satisfied with enough to eat.

… like an

Unmoored boat,

Drifting on the water, rocking

Gently back and

Forth, carefree

And at ease.

People of ability and intelligence always bring on suffering and distress, which is something the average person often doesn’t realize[1].

[1]           Obviously, for 90% of the people judge themselves to be “above average”… See: Duncan J. WATTS (2011): Everything is obvious (once you know the answer) – How common sense fails. Atlantic Books, London)