Bothered by the unusable on the World Usability Day?

Posted on November 10, 2011 by


Here is my small contribution for the World Usability Day. I stood in front of the door in the left photo. I tried to open it first by pulling the left side and then pushing. T

Usable door

Unusable door

Here is my contribution for the World Usability Day. I tried to open the door in the left photo by pulling the left side and then pushing. The door remained closed. I moved to the right side. I pulled it. Again, nothing. Finally I pushed the door. Open sesame! The other side of the door is better (right photo), in that the company name gives a clue as to where to push/pull and makes the exercise less complex. Whoever installed this door obviously didn’t think that people might have to open it from both sides! Any other example of unusable things on the World Usability Day?