Personality type and social media: Is blog more ‘diplomacy’-friendly than twitter and facebook?

Posted on November 7, 2011 by


We have been transferring a considerable part of our social life to social media spaces and I wonder if we’ve taken the time to examine the relationship between  our personality and social media? What is the ideal social medium for our personality? Intuition says that if you like sharing and making quick reflections, you should go for Twitter. If you are the conversational type, you should go for Facebook. And if you are a more reflective person, you should write blogs. But is there any more solid data and research that can support this intuitive thinking?

Recently, US military supported a comprehensive research comparing personality test (big five) and Facebook interaction. The research finds a high level of correlation between personality types and the use of Facebook. Extroverted people have many Facebook friends but few exchanges. The opposite applies to introverted people (a limited circle of  friends with intensive communication).

Is there a professionally preferable social media?  For diplomats, it is probably blogging. Diplomats are very cautious about written communication and the ambiguous writings that could be developed in short tweets or in Facebook conversations.

Any thoughts?