28 Laughter and diplomacy

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Augury of the two saints Han-shan and Shide

Ha!  Ha! Ha!

If my expression is joyful I will feel less  oppressed;

Worldly troubles will be transformed into a  joyful expression –

To feel oppressed on behalf of others in the  end is no help:

The great Dao can still emerge in the midst of  happiness.

If the state is able to be happy; the sovereign  and his ministers will unite in joy;

In a joyful reception hall father and son will  join together.

Abundant happiness among brothers lets the  thorned tree flourish;

If husband and wife can be happy the will  harmonize like the Qin and Se.

How could host or guest tolerate a lack of  pleasantness?

If superior and subordinate have joyful sentiments, differentiation will be all the more strict.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

(probably Luo Ping, who also did the painting)

have argued for a role of poetry in diplomacy. This time, it is laughter. As  Musashi says: one has to practice it every day.

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