Mladic and EuroDIG

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Earlier today we heard of Mladic’s arrest, news that is, in some way, a symbolic closure of one of the darkest and most miserable eras in Serbian history. As the process to extradite him to The Hague is under way, there will be symbolic start of a new era in Belgrade.

On 30 and 31 of May, this resilient and remarkable city will host EuroDIG: European Dialogue on Internet Governance. Following in the footsteps of previous hosts Strasbourg, Geneva, and Madrid, the capital of Serbia will gather people from all over  Europe working to enable the future development of open and inclusive Internet. EuroDIG will also address some emerging problems such as child pornography and cybercrime. The establishment of this delicate balance between opportunities and risks needs the involvement of governments, business, civil society and Internet users. We need to work together to ensure a strong and dynamic future for the Internet. We need to collaborate, we need to cooperate, and we need to coordinate. And in this spirit, you will you will find human rights activists, directors of Telecom operators, and representatives of Ministries of the Interior sitting on the same panels, sharing a common goal.

On this important day for international justice, we look forward to continuing and strengthening a meaningful dialogue about the future of Internet governance.  If you are in Belgrade, join us for this interesting debate. You can register here or you can follow it remotely. So far, there are 12 remote hubs registered. Check here to see if there is one close to you.

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