What do FUNERAL, CRISIS and PUBLIC diplomacy have in common?

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The photo above provides a clue, as does the EuroNews video clip.

Some clarification of terminology (before you provide a response):

Funeral diplomacy refers to “ad hoc summits” by world leaders on the occasion of the death of a world leader. States convey diplomatic signals through presence or absence at the event, the level of representation and position in the “funeral protocol”.

Crisis diplomacy is diplomatic efforts to deal with developments that pose great economic, social, or environmental risks for modern society. For example, the turmoil caused by flight cancellations related to the volcanic ash from Iceland is the latest crisis situation.

Public diplomacy may be described (succinctly) as a way of promoting the image of one’s country abroad.

Looking forward to your comments on how Russian President Medvedev linked a funeral, a crisis and public diplomacy.

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